Example: broadcast

Currently rpcx supports four type of codec:

// SerializeType defines serialization type of payload.
type SerializeType byte

const (
    // SerializeNone uses raw []byte and don't serialize/deserialize
    SerializeNone SerializeType = iota
    // JSON for payload.
    // ProtoBuffer for payload.
    // MsgPack for payload

Service use the same codec with clients. Clients set SerializeType in options. The default option use msgpack.

var DefaultOption = Option{
    Retries:        3,
    RPCPath:        share.DefaultRPCPath,
    ConnectTimeout: 10 * time.Second,
    Breaker:        CircuitBreaker,
    SerializeType:  protocol.MsgPack,
    CompressType:   protocol.None,

The option is set when create XClient:

func NewXClient(servicePath string, failMode FailMode, selectMode SelectMode, discovery ServiceDiscovery, option Option)


No codec for data and use raw slice of bytes.

Clients and serices can encode/decode payload by their customized codec, for example, Avro.


JSON is a general data format and can be used by many programming language.

But its performance is not better than protobuf and messagepack.


Protobuf is a performant codec by Google and it is used in grpc and many projects.


messagepack is another performant codec and it is cross-platform too.

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